Crowns Help Restore Tooth Function & Aesthetics of Your Smile

Dental crowns are conservative restorative dentistry that are place over your teeth like caps. Crowns are used to repair moderate to severe dental decay, and teeth that have fractured. The crowns we use at our El Paso cosmetic dentistry practice are made of 100% Zirconia or “BruxZir crowns as they’re called. This equates to you not having to worry about having unsightly metal margins that rust, discolor, and distract from the natural beauty of your smile.


What is a Crown?


el paso dental crown

A crown is a shell or cap that is placed over the tooth. A crown’s purpose is to restore the tooth to its natural shape and size while strengthening and improving the tooth’s appearance. A crown is often necessary when is tooth is fractured or damaged due to severe decay and when a filling won’t solve the problem.


Crowns are designed to match the look, color and feel of a natural tooth. Once placed, a crown serves three functions – it restores size, improves strength and vastly improves appearance.


It typically only requires two visits to have a crown put on a tooth. At the first visit, we’ll place a temporary crown so that you’re given time to get used to having the crown on your tooth. Then, when we receive the permanent crown from the lab, we’ll ask you to come back in. We will then remove the temporary crown and place the permanent crown on your tooth.


Benefits of Crowns


The main benefits associated with crowns include:


  • The size, shape, texture and color of a crown is custom-made to result in a natural looking tooth
  • Crowns restore aesthetics and function to broken, cracked or filled back teeth


If you have a damaged tooth that is fractured for instance, it’s important to repair the tooth immediately. If you were to put off having a fractured tooth repaired, decay can easily spread to cause even more damage to the tooth. Fractures often occur on molars that have large fillings. Over time, biting pressure can cause a cusp of the tooth to break off and when this happens, it’s very likely that a crown is needed.


About the BruxZirÔ Crowns We Use


crown 2

crown 3


We use BruxZirÔ crowns at our practice because they truly deliver when it comes to providing strength and outstanding aesthetic qualities. Conventional crowns are made of a metal substructure with porcelain baked over it. The problem that is seen with these crowns is that the metal corrodes and discolors at the gum line, and the porcelain also chips and breaks over time. Our BruxZir crowns are made of 100% zirconia which means much higher strength, no chipping, no discoloration, and much more natural looking as they are translucent and allow light to pass through. BruxZir crowns can be custom-colored to create a restoration that provides a very natural look and outstanding strength. These crowns are standard for all patients with no additional fees as is usually the scenario at other dental offices.


Take a look at the following video to see the difference


Our El Paso dentists will determine which type of crown is best suited for you after providing you with a thorough examination. If you have any questions about crowns or wish to find out if you could benefit from a crown, please contact our Westside office at (915) 58-SMILE or our Eastside office at (915) 85-SMILE.

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