Lumineers Dental Procedure

Illuminating Information Around This Treatment

Today, Lumineers are becoming quite trendy, and no, we are not talking about the rock band. The Lumineers that we are referring to are the amazing new dental procedure that drastically transforms your smile as an alternative to traditional veneers. Picasso Smiles whole-heartedly endorses this procedure and we aim to inform those who would like to know more about what Lumineers have to offer.

What Are Lumineers & Who Can Get Them?


As stated earlier, Lumineers are an alternative to veneers and provide many benefits that the traditional dental treatment does not. The Lumineer method consists of extremely thin veneer-like materials that are easily adhered to the affected teeth and will remain in working condition for an estimated 20 years. Despite their minimal thickness, they are still extremely durable and allow patients to continue eating any foods they desire- even sticky candies like gum or taffy. However, it is important to note that this tooth correction procedure does not exempt you from good oral hygiene. You will still need to brush and floss regularly as well as visit your general dentist at regular intervals.

In regards to who can obtain this procedure, the answer is patients suffering from misalignment, tooth chipping, or discoloration. Lumineers are fantastic at fixing these problems and our patients joyously agree. Sadly, this treatment cannot be offered to everyone, so consult your doctor to see if this oral treatment is right for you and your mouth.

How Does the Procedure Work?

This procedure is far more efficient than traditional veneers and is one of the main reasons so many people are now opting for this treatment. The procedure takes place during two visits. On the first, your doctor will create a mold for your tooth and determine what coloring will be appropriate for your particular mouth. The doctor will then send this information off to the labs to create your customized Lumineers. Then on your second visit, the doctor will apply the veneers to your teeth. The procedure is painless and does not require invasive shaving or drilling of enamel. One of the best parts of all, this procedure is completely reversible! So if you find yourself in a situation where you no longer want Lumineers, you can come right back to take off the veneer, returning your tooth to its original form.

Can I get Lumineers Anywhere?

In a word, no. In order to obtain the Lumineer treatment, you need to find a specialist. Due to the fact this isn’t a traditional procedure, you will need to find a dentist that is trained and certified to perform the Lumineer treatment. Both Dr. Nima Shayesteh and Dr. Tamir Shams at Picasso Smiles are trained in this area and can provide further information regarding their credentials to perform this procedure.

Consult Your Doctor

As we stated before, consult your doctor before opting to obtain this procedure. Even though the treatment is virtually painless and minimally invasive, it is still a dental surgery that requires significant financial involvement. The doctors here at Picasso Smiles have nothing but your best interest at heart and are always here for you. So if you have any lingering questions or concerns, you can always shoot us a call at (915) 58-SMILE, and we’ll be happy to discuss any areas you want more information about!

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