Pediatric Dentistry Tips from Your El Paso Dentists!

el paso pediatric dentistryYour child’s dental care is nothing to take a gamble on. It is in your child’s best interest to make the worthy investment in good oral care. The process of finding a pediatric dentist for your family can be challenging and we have found that following a few key steps will help you in finding the ideal pediatric dentist for your young ones.


  • Ask around– your friends and family are your best resource when it comes to things like finding a good dentist. Ask the people closest to you what dentist they are using, what they like about them, and for contact information. It is important to tell your dentist who referred you in order to make a personal connection.


  • Phone interview– before making an appointment, call the office and ask about things that are important to you; do they take your insurance, do they offer financing options, how do they make young patients feel comfortable, do they use sedation techniques, and do they offer free first time consultations?


  • Visit multiple dentists– do not settle for the first dentist you try. Although you may like the dentist at first glance, it is often difficult to understand what is the most important thing in your dentist, which is why it is important to compare.


  • Ask your child how they feel– after all this is their experience, make sure to ask you child how they liked talking to the dentist and how they feel about the overall experience.


Our pediatric dentists are available to help your family create healthy smiles. Our dentists provide comprehensive dental care for your child including fluoride treatments and dental sealants at the primary level in order to prevent future problems from occurring. These treatments are simple and painless and will make your child’s smile healthy and beautiful.


For treatments that may be a little more extensive, we do offer sedation techniques to make your child feel less anxious and less pain. These options are, of course, up to the discretion of the parent and can be discussed prior to the appointment.


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Thank you for choosing Drs. Tamir Shams and Nima Shayesteh as your El Paso pediatric dentists. To make your child an appointment feel free to contact our office at any time and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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