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All About Wisdom Teeth


People say that with age comes wisdom, but with age also come wisdom teeth. These are the third molars found farthest back in your mouth, and they generally start to erupt from the gums between the ages of seventeen to twenty-five. It’s often the case that these molars come in sideways or impacted, meaning they don’t fully show themselves because of blockage from other teeth. This can create numerous issues, such as pain, infection of the gums, tooth decay, and damage to nearby teeth. When this happens, your local El Paso dentists at Picasso Smiles Dental recommend a wisdom tooth removal procedure.

What is Involved?


The first step in this process is to set up an appointment and come in to either one of Picasso Smiles Dental’s El Paso-based offices for a consultation. During the first visit, your dentist will take X-rays of your mouth to determine if oral surgery is the right treatment for you. X-rays are critical to seeing exactly how the wisdom teeth have established themselves in your mouth and figuring out the simplest way to extract them. They’ll also gather background information and discuss your needs to create a treatment plan specific for you.

Once your first visit is complete, you’ll be scheduled for a mild sedation visit or given a prescription medication to take the night before your procedure so you’ll get a restful night of sleep. Finally, your dentist will guarantee you’re comfortable and completely safe during the entirety of the extraction.

Come Prepared

Be sure to bring a companion with you on the day of the procedure to drive you home and stay with you until full recovery from the medication. Every patient experiences side effects that vary, and if you have any questions after your treatment, please feel free to call Picasso Smiles Dental directly. You can rest assured that you’ll be in the best care with highly trained doctors who have years of experience with this process. Plus you can have all the ice cream you can eat!

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