Tired of Hiding Your Smile? Try Our El Paso Teeth Whitening!

There are many reasons why your teeth may be stained, dull and discolored. Maybe your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be because of certain foods and drinks you consume. If you are tired of hiding your smile because you feel ashamed and self-conscious of the stains and discoloration on your teeth, Picasso Smiles Dental offers superb laser teeth whitening services which provide very impressive results.


According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, tooth whitening is one of the most requested of all cosmetic dental services today. Our practice offers Zoom! laser teeth whitening that is designed to lighten tooth enamel and dentin using a bleaching process that only takes about one hour to complete. The bleaching agent in the Zoom! whitening gel, which is hydrogen peroxide, is broken down by the laser light. This bleaches away any colored substances on the enamel and dentin while leaving the rest of the tooth unchanged.


el paso teeth whitening


Benefits of Teeth Whitening


One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. When your smile is bright, white and attractive, you feel good about yourself and others form a positive opinion about you. Inevitably, over time, certain foods and drinks as well as natural aging can discolor your teeth. Your teeth may appear darker than normal or yellow due to your coffee, cola or tea drinking habits or because you use tobacco products. It could be that your teeth are discolored due to medications you took years ago. With Zoom!, our El Paso cosmetic dentists can help you obtain a whiter and brighter smile that can make a dramatic difference in your appearance and in how to feel about yourself.


A Great Mother’s Day Gift Idea for $395!mother


If you are like most of us, you may be wondering what to give your mom this Mother’s Day. A terrific gift any mom would love is professional teeth whitening. It’s a sure bet that your mother will smile even brighter on her big day when you present her with the gift of a bright, white smile that really shows you care! Your mother is sure to appreciate being given something other than typical Mother’s Day gifts such as jewelry or flowers. Teeth whitening is something she can wear every single day with pride!


If you’d like to give your mom the gift of teeth whitening, contact or El Paso dentistry office to let us know your plans so we can arrange to have your mom come in for her teeth whitening session and mention our Mother’s Day Special for $395!


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