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Fixed Dental Bridges

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A dental bridge is used to span the gap where a missing tooth once was. Similarly to a bridge over water, a dental bridge needs support at both ends. To support a dental bridge, the teeth on either side of the gap are crowned to hold the bridge securely. Dental bridges can be fixed or removable. At Picasso Smiles, your premier Culver City cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Shams and Dr. Shayesteh specialize in fixed bridges.

Fixed Bridge vs. Removable

The main difference between fixed and removable dental bridges is the use of dental implants. A fixed bridge replaces your missing teeth by using the surrounding healthy teeth as a foundation. Utilizing implants, our Picasso Smiles dentists can restore an entire section of your mouth with beautiful porcelain bridges that look sand feel like natural teeth and will last for decades. Plus, you'll be able to bite, chew, speak, and smile as if you had your original teeth! You'll get used to your new restorations by receiving temporary bridges before you try on your permanent bridges fixed with dental implants.

What Is The Fixed Bridge Procedure?

During your first visit to our beautiful Culver City dentistry office, the abutment teeth, or the anchoring teeth are prepared. This involves reshaping the teeth to allow room for a crown to be placed over them. Impressions of the teeth are made next which will be the blueprint for your new bridge. You will receive a temporary bridge to wear until your new, porcelain bridge is complete.

During your second visit, the temporary bridge will be removed and the new bridge will be checked, adjusted, and installed for a snug fit. Patients vary case-by-case, but typically a few more appointments are scheduled to ensure that the bridge is performing correctly and that it fits with your natural bite.

Please view the video below to get a visual grasp on the fixed bridge procedure:

Fixed bridges video

Why Porcelain?

Porcelain is used in dentistry because it is strong and can easily be manipulated to replicate normal teeth. The durability of porcelain is impressive and it can withstand the normal wear-and-tear of a tooth. Aesthetically, porcelain mimics tooth enamel in both whiteness and translucence. Light is able to penetrate and scatter in porcelain in the same manner it does with natural teeth.

Maintaining Your Fixed Bridge

Maintenance of a fixed bridge is important, and also easy to do. Cleaning your bridge is simple – brush with fluoride toothpaste twice daily and floss once a day as you would with your normal teeth.

How Long Will My Fixed Bridge Last?

You can expect your fixed bridge to last about 10-20 years. When it is time to have your bridge replaced, come to Picasso Smiles and we can remove the bridge and create a new dental appliance at our West Los Angeles dentistry lab.

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