Injection Comfort System

Relax, Our shots are pain-free.

Suppose the dentist gave you a shot and you didn't feel it. No pinch. No pain. No discomfort. That's what happens with DentalVibe.

DentalVibe is an amazing device that uses vibration to block the sensation of pain. And it does so without pills, gas, or anything that may produce woozy side-effects. It's the best thing that's happened for people who hate dental shots. But that's not all. Even if dental shots don't bother you, DentalVibe's vibration helps the anesthetic dissipate quicker and evenly. Which makes the entire procedure that much better.

Why deal with fear, stress and discomfort when you don't have to. Our dental practice in Culver City uses DentalVibe. So here, pain is a thing of the past.

See what real doctors and patients are saying about DentalVibe. Watch this 60-second TV commercial.

Sedation Dentistry in West Los Angeles

Anxiety-Free, Little Memory, Relaxed Dentistry

If there was a way that you could have your treatment accomplished in minimal visits, with little pain and memory of the experience, would this be more encouraging? The obvious answer is yes.

Clearly, the 30-50% of Americans who suffer from dental-phobia and avoid much needed treatment could greatly profit from mild sedation dentistry techniques. Just one-two little tablets can eliminate white-knuckle syndrome and allow you to forget the entire treatment.


Dentists have used mild sedative techniques to calm their patients for more than 30 years. There are several causes of dental phobia.

Treatment Options

Mild sedation dentistry offers several options to help you cope with these fears. Whether you need a simple dental cleaning or complex restorative dentistry, our fully-accredited cosmetic dentists will design a mild sedation plan that will get you back in the chair.

Your tailored plan may include one or several of the following methods:

Because the treatments leave you in no shape to drive, it's imperative you have a friend or relative drive you to and from your appointment.

How it Works

The hardest part for many patients is simply making the appointment. Picasso Smiles Dental tries to make this process as easy as possible.

During the first visit, your dentist will take x-rays, examine your mouth and gather background information regarding your general health. You'll then discuss your needs and expectations and draw up a treatment plan.

The next step is to prepare for your mild sedation visit. If you've elected for pre-appointment mild sedation, you'll be given a prescription medication to take the night before your appointment to guarantee you sleep well and awake in a relaxed state.

The experienced Picasso Smiles Dental team will monitor you throughout treatment.

Finally, your companion will need to drive you home and stay with you until you've fully recovered from the medication.

Most patients feel no side effects of treatment the following day, other than the joy of owning a lovely new smile.

Who is a Candidate?

Our dentists will screen you to ascertain if you're qualified for mild sedation treatment. Variables to consider when choosing a mild sedation protocol include age, weight, anxiety level and general health.

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Our goal for our mild sedation patients is to create a relaxed, comfortable, and safe experience for the patient, with little or no anxiety and little or no memory of the appointment. Sedated patients may feel like they slept through the entire appointment.

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