Best Places to Eat in El Paso With Braces Friendly Foods

When you have braces, you need to be more aware when you’re choosing what to eat, since it’s easy for certain foods to damage your brackets or wires. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find delicious food and go to your favorite local restaurants. Here is a quick list of some great, local El Paso restaurants with mouth-watering and braces-friendly foods.

Monteleone’s Ristorante


Monteleone’s is the perfect place to get a delicious and local Italian restaurant experience. Located right on Gateway Boulevard, don’t be intimidated by the interesting art and building design.  While some wonder if the rumors about the restaurant being haunter are true, others celebrate it as the best Italian restaurant in town.  What you believe is entirely up to you, but stop by and pick yourself up some soft and creamy pasta (that’s braces-friendly too!) or any other wonderful Italian dishes. Finish the night with a soft dessert like tiramisu!

The Healthy Pizza Company


With your braces, you should avoid crunching into some hard pizza crust, but that doesn’t get rid of that craving for some good pizza.  At The Healthy Pizza Company, not only can you satisfy that pizza craving, but you can also get some pizzas that are healthier than your standard pizza place which is unbelievably delicious. Now that you’re on your way to a healthier smile, why not try to start eating a little healthier too!  Just make sure you ask for the softer crust and cut up your slices into small bites so that you don’t risk damaging your braces.  It’s located on North Mesa Street, so go check it out!

Green Ingredient


It may be difficult to find some good vegetarian restaurants, but this place on East Main Street has you covered. The Green Ingredient prides itself on offering healthy, yet tasty meals that will keep you coming back for more.  One of their great menu items is their house soup, which is the perfect blend of kale, lentils, and potatoes in a creamy and delectable green curry coconut milk broth, and it’s easy to eat with braces too!

L & J Cafe


As many residents of El Paso may already know, this charming café on East Missouri  Avenue is a local landmark that dates back all the way to the year 1927.  If you stop by, you’ll not only be stepping into a little bit of history but also a place full of amazing Mexican cuisine.  While L & J Café’s chile con queso dip and salsa are to die for, eating those crunchy chips with your braces may not be the best idea.  Instead, maybe go for their soup of the day or one of their specialties that you can cut up into small pieces for easy eating.

Sun Garden Chinese Bistro


If you’re in the mood for some authentic and tasty Chinese food, Sun Garden Chinese Bistro is your place, located on North Mesa Street. They have hot and sour soup or wonton soup that has enough flavor to knock your socks off, and delicious seafood like their steamed fish with ginger that is soft and easy to eat with your braces.

Kinley’s House Coffee & Tea (Smoothies, Crepes, etc.)


On to dessert! At Kinley’s House Coffee & Tea, you’ll have to choose from their huge menu of amazing coffees, teas, blended frappes, fresh smoothies, and even frozen yogurt.  They even have some great snacks and a very cozy interior, which makes this the perfect place to come and relax on a nice day in El Paso. Located right across the street from UTEP on North Mesa Street.

Is This List Not Complete?


We know that there are amazing places to eat all around El Paso with food that is good for those with braces.  If you think that we missed one of your favorite restaurants on this list, feel free to contact us at Picasso Smiles and let us know and we’d be happy to add it!

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