Chewing Gum: Is It Good Or Bad For Your Teeth?

There has always been talked about chewing gum and the effects it may or may not have on our teeth. Like all other foods these days, gum has been transformed and duplicated into a variety of flavors and versions serving multiple purposes. So, how do we know which types are harmful or not to our teeth and health? PicassoSmiles has gathered some information on the effects of gum and which types are better for you to chew. As your El Paso dentists, this is another way we can help you and your family maintain beautiful smiles.

Is There Such A Thing As Healthy Chewing Gum?


There are over 10 types of chewing gum today. That means, there are more than 10 choices to choose from when considering a healthy piece of gum or not. Yes, there is such a thing as healthy chewing gum. This healthy gum doesn’t contain sugar and is ADA approved with a seal on the packaging. Below are some of the main reasons chewing gum can be healthy for your teeth:

  • Increases the flow of saliva which helps neutralize acids from the digestion process

  • Increased saliva also increases calcium and phosphate to strengthen the enamel on teeth

  • Studies have proven that chewing sugarless gum after meals help prevent tooth decay

  • Increased saliva works to prevent future teeth discoloration

The Battle Between Sugar vs. Sugar-Free!


Sugar is the one big ingredient that makes all of the difference in chewing gum. Even though the sugar in gum does cause an increase in saliva, it is more harmful to your teeth. Sugar in gum increases the risk of tooth decay and breaking down the enamel on your teeth. Choosing sugarless or sugar-free options that are ADA approved gives you a full range to chew away!

Can I Chew Gum Instead Of Brushing & Flossing My Teeth?


You were probably hoping we were going to say yes to the above question, didn’t you? While the doctors at Picasso Smiles are proud promoters of healthy gum chewing, unfortunately, gum does not replace the good old-fashion routine of brushing and flossing twice a day. It is best to chew your ADA sealed sugar-free gum for 20 minutes after each meal, brush, and floss to make sure you have thoroughly cleaned between your teeth.

Your Friends At Picasso Smiles


Your El Paso dentists want you to be proud of your healthy smile! In order to do so, follow the suggestions above for best practices when chewing gum, and contact us with any questions you may have! Visit or call our Westside or Eastside offices to schedule an appointment today!

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