How Long Do You Have to Wait to Get Dentures After Teeth Are Pulled?

Dental care specialists say that factors such as periodontal disease, old age, or chronic diseases can result in the extraction of one or even several of your teeth. Perhaps you have already talked to your dentist about getting new permanent dentures after your tooth extraction. Of course, you must know the wait time before you can wear your permanent dental appliance. During the waiting period, take note that you should expect changes inside your mouth. Here are the considerations in determining the right time to get your permanent dentures.


Clinical data indicate that once your teeth are removed, gaping holes are left. These deep holes do not heal up in just one night. Bleeding, discomfort and swelling take place. Then, clotting happens. You will see dark, red spots occupying the space that your teeth once did. The clotted blood will stay there for a few days and then dissolve. The vacant spaces will take time to close. This may take weeks to months.

Wearing Interim Dentures

Dental specialists say that when you lose your natural teeth, expect your jawbone to shift and recede. While these changes happen, your denture’s alignment will also change. This implies that even if you already have dentures made for you at this stage, you will still have to refit them. You need to do this so that they could still fit you after the healing finishes.

Your dentist could recommend interim or temporary dentures that you can wear right after your extraction. These specialized dentures will help you drink and eat normally. You will have to refit these dentures as the healing process goes on. According to the Journal of Odontostomatologic Sciences, there are several benefits to wearing interim dentures. A few of these advantages are the maintenance of phonetics, facial appearance, muscular tone, and gum height. Interim dentures also reduce post-extraction pain and inflammation.

Ready for New Permanent Dentures

You should go back to your orthodontist six weeks after your tooth extraction for a follow-up checkup. At this time, your doctor will check if your gums are healing well. Once your gums have healed completely, your dentist will take an initial impression of your entire mouth. This mold will be the guide for your new permanent dentures.

It will take about a month to create your new dentures. You should go back to your dentist for the initial denture fitting. Doing so will ensure the comfort and correct fit of your permanent dentures. Several adjustments may be necessary to get rid of any sore portions in your dentures.

The basic waiting period before you get your permanent dentures is six to eight weeks after your tooth extraction procedure. Yet, keep in mind that healing is individualized. You have to talk to your dentist about the status of your recovery. At Picasso Smiles Dental Cosmetic & Implant Center, we will help you go through your tooth extraction until you get your permanent dentures. Please visit our clinics in Texas, for a walk-in consultation. You can also call us at 915-800-7704 (El Paso Westside Office) and 915-800-7393 (El Paso Eastside Office). That way, we can help you schedule an appointment or answer any of your questions.

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