Tips for Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist

When it comes to our teeth, there are many aspects that we may dislike, but fortunately, there are plenty of ways in which they can be addressed, restoring your confidence in your smile.  If you have decided to makeover your teeth using one or more of the numerous cosmetic dentistry treatments available, you will want to be sure that your smile is in the best of hands. There are many cosmetic dentists that claim to be able to enhance the appearance of teeth, but how do you know which one to choose? Here are our top tips for choosing an experienced and skilled cosmetic dentist.

Ask for recommendations

Getting recommendations from family and friends is the very best place to start your search for a cosmetic dentist. If you know someone who has recently undergone a smile transformation, ask them who they used and whether they had a good experience with them. Would they recommend them, and if not, why? Obtaining personal recommendations is one of the easiest ways to build a shortlist of potential professionals to carry out your cosmetic dental enhancements.

Check out their qualifications

A dentistry qualification is one thing, but any great cosmetic dentist will have also undertaken education and training in cosmetic dental procedures such as porcelain veneers, Invisalign and even dental implants. Don’t be shy in asking your potential dentist about where and when they have studied.

How much of their work is cosmetic?

There is no substitute for experience and by asking how much of your potential dentist’s work is cosmetic, it will give you a good idea of just how much experience they have in this field. Generally, the more experienced a cosmetic dentist is, the better quality their work will be and the better equipped they are to deal with any issues that could arise.

What treatments do they offer?

Not all cosmetic dentists necessarily offer every single cosmetic procedure. Therefore, you need to be certain that your professional can perform the treatment that you are looking for and has plenty of experience in doing so.

Before and after photographs

Any great cosmetic dentist will have a comprehensive portfolio full of before and after images of their patients. This may be available to view in their offices, online or both. Ask your prospective dentist to show you an example of a case that is similar to your own.

What technology do they use?

Great cosmetic dentists are committed to giving their patients treatments of the very highest quality. As such, they usually invest in advanced technology, such as digital imaging, chairside monitors and laser treatment. Find out what your potential dentist can offer and how it will enhance your treatment.

What are their payment options?

Since most dental insurances will not cover cosmetic smile enhancements, chances are that you will have to pay for your treatment yourself. Many patients opt for payment plans to spread the cost of their procedures, so it is important to check with your provider that they have financial terms that you can agree to.

How do they make you feel?

You should always schedule a trial visit to meet your cosmetic dentist and have a consultation. This is the perfect opportunity to ‘interview’ them and obtain a first-hand experience of both the environment where procedures are performed and what the staff is like. Trust your instincts about your dentist. If they make you feel uncomfortable in any way, they probably won’t be the right professional for you. However, if you feel at ease in their company, it is a great sign for your future patient-dentist relationship.

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