Biomimetic Dentistry in El Paso

The field of dentistry is constantly evolving to provide patients with more effective and comfortable dental treatment and create healthier smiles. At Picasso Smiles Dental, creating healthy smiles is what we do, and when you visit our El Paso dental office, we have only the most advanced dental technology available to ensure that you get the best dental care possible.

However, while upgrading technology is important, so is updating our own procedures to ensure that we’re getting the most out of the technology that we have available to us. That’s why our treatment methods here at Picasso Smiles Dental have taken a new approach to dental decay and restoration treatments called biomimetic dentistry. To learn more about biomimetic dentistry and how it allows us to provide you and your family with more effective and efficient dental care, check out the information below.

What Makes Biomimetic Dentistry Different?

When you have a damaged or decayed tooth, the traditional approach involved a more aggressive process of clearing away the decay to create a supporting structure for a restoration treatment that prioritized the strength of the restoration. This goal was to return the tooth to a functioning state with something like a filling or crown that was meant to last a long time. With this focus on strength, dentists following this traditional method would use materials such as amalgam, gold, or porcelain bonded to metal to improve the durability of the restoration.

With biomimetic dentistry, instead of focusing solely on creating a strong restoration, we aim to mimic your real teeth as much as possible, making it more life-like and allowing the restoration to establish a stronger bond with your natural teeth. This process also preserves a more healthy tooth structure compared to other treatment approaches. To accomplish this, we use a different set of materials, including stress-reduced direct composite and porcelain composite to create inlays and onlays that will more accurately mimic your natural teeth and be able to form a strong bond.

Biomimetic Dentistry Breaks The Cycle Of Restoration & Root Canals

With the traditional approach to treatments like fillings, the process typically begins by clearing away the decayed portion of the tooth. However, it doesn’t stop there, since the dentist then needs to shape the tooth to create a suitable structure that can support the filling, which involves the shaving of perfectly healthy portions of the tooth. Then, when the filling is put in place, the light used to harden the material actually shrinks the filling itself, which leaves cracks and spaces in between the filling the tooth. This makes the tooth more susceptible to more decay, and when a crown is eventually needed, there is no longer enough healthy tooth structure left to support it because it was shaved away for the filling so a root canal is required. This is called the “cycle of restoration” since getting the tooth fixed with a filling actually increases the likelihood of decay and the need for a root canal down the road.

With biomimetic dentistry, the materials used to restore the tooth create a strong bond that has no spaces and does not require a healthy tooth structure to be removed before it is placed. This helps break the cycle of restoration since it protects the tooth from further decay, a preserves a healthy tooth that can be used to support crowns in the future if necessary.

What Is The Biomimetic Dental Restoration Process?

When you come into Picasso Smiles Dental here in El Paso, we’ll first conduct an initial examination to determine the extent of the decay and map out what parts of your teeth need to be restored. From there, we’ll begin clearing away the decay to make sure that it doesn’t get worse or spread to any of your other teeth, without removing any of your healthy tooth structure that wasn’t affected by decay. We then will begin crafting your restoration using our state-of-the-art materials and precision to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit, whether it’s a filling or crown. Once the restoration is in place, it will form a strong bond with your tooth and your smile will be complete again. The material also looks and feels like your natural tooth, meaning no shiny metal when you smile or weird feelings when you bite or chew.

Learn More About How We Use Biomimetic Dentistry!

According to the Foundation of Biomimetic Dentistry, only about 3% of dentists use the biomimetic dentistry method, meaning that Picasso Smiles Dental​​​​​​​ is at the forefront of dental technology and treatment. If you have any questions about how our practice utilizes biomimetic dentistry and how it compares to the methods used at other dental practices, just contact us and a member of our staff would be glad to help you. Feel free to contact us if you would like to get started on the path to a healthier smile with an experienced dental team at your side and access to the latest and greatest in dental treatment. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our family of happy patients!

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