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woman sleeping peacefully

Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when your throat muscles intermittently relax and block your airway while you’re asleep. These non-breathing periods can last from a few seconds to a few minutes and they may even occur over 30 times an hour! These breathing pauses will take you out of deep sleep and back into a lighter sleep.

woman smiling after root canal

Root Canal Therapy

The proper dental terminology for a "root canal" is root canal therapy or endodontic therapy. This procedure is required when the small amount of tissue in the middle of a tooth becomes infected. The infection is typically caused by tooth decay. The phrase root canal actually refers to the tiny space, or canal, that houses this soft tissue in the root of a tooth.

gum disease treatment


While it's important for you to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, don't overlook your gums. Your gums and jawbone are the foundation supporting your smile. So it's more important than ever to maintain appropriate hygiene and regular dental visits, for healthy, robust gums.

tooth extraction

Oral Surgery/Extractions

There may be many reasons why a patient may require oral surgery. Whatever the reason may be, you can be sure that you will receive the best care in the Northeast El Paso area.



Even though teeth are meant to last a lifetime, losing teeth can happen to anyone due to an accident or poor oral hygiene evolving into gum disease and tooth decay. Missing teeth comes with many challenges that people often don’t expect besides the obvious change in appearance, such as difficulty eating or speaking.

fixed bridge patient

Fixed Bridges

The main difference between fixed and removable dental bridges is the use of dental implants. A fixed bridge replaces your missing teeth by using the surrounding healthy teeth as a foundation. Utilizing implants, our Picasso Smiles dentists can restore an entire section of your mouth with beautiful porcelain bridges that look and feel like natural teeth and will last for decades.

TMJD treatment

TMD Treatment

In some cases, periodic TMJ pain and discomfort can be relieved with certain home treatment methods. Applying a heat pack or a hot water bottle wrapped in a warm, moist towel to the jaw can reduce pain and help improve function. Ice packs wrapped in a cloth can also reduce swelling and pain.

family with healthy teeth

General Dentistry

Picasso Smiles Dental is proud to be the El Paso area's multi-specialty dental office, offering a range of treatments, from cosmetic dentistry to implant dentistry. Along with our areas of specialty, we also have general dentistry expertise to be your choice when you’re looking for a general family dentist to maintain optimal oral health.

Dental Emergency

Emergency Treatments and Pain Relief

Emergencies don’t just affect our bodies; they can also affect our mouth and teeth. Any type of emergency scenario can be extremely worrying, but fortunately, there are professionals on hand to help. Here at Picasso Smiles Dental, we are equipped with everything needed to deal with any dental emergency that affects you or your family.

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